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Updated: October 15, 2015
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  • Basics of Supervision Certificate Program 2015-16
  • Microsoft Office® Suite-Targeted Tuition
  • Skills for Success fall 2015 catalog
  • Welding Targeted Tuition Program
  • Tuition Benefits Catalog 2015-16
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Partnership Launches Promotional Videos!

The NYS & CSEA Partnership has released two videos to promote the wide range of programs and services available to state agencies and CSEA-represented employees. The first video highlights programs that employees can access directly such as tuition benefits, online learning, adult education basics, and job skills training. The second video covers programs that NYS managers and CSEA leaders can jointly access to benefit their employees and workplace, including safety and health courses, grants programs, skilled trades training, and labor-management services. The videos also contain testimonials from CSEA members, NYS managers, and CSEA leaders who have had a positive experience with Partnership programs and services. Please take a moment to watch the short videos to learn how the Partnership can meet the education and training needs of your agency and CSEA workforce.

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