Partnership Courses

Courses for CSEA-represented NYS Employees

Skills for Success Fall 2020 - Skills for Success webinars are available in the following categories: Computer Skills; Individual Development; Interpersonal Communication; Work Management; and Writing Skills. Individual CSEA-represented employees can enroll, with supervisory approval, through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) or by completing the Partnership's Skills for Success application form.

Adult Education Basics (AEB) - Courses are offered in a variety of topics including: Reading, Writing, and Math Skills; English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL); Introductory Spanish as a Second Language; and College Preparatory Skills. Also available to AEB students are one-on-one support from Educational Advisement Services staff and special tuition vouchers to take basic skills remedial courses from educational institutions.

Online Learning Catalog - Individual CSEA-represented NYS employees can choose from two Labor-Management and over 7,000 Skillsoft self-paced online courses. Courses can be taken at home or at work with supervisory approval. Online Learning course categories include: Administrative Support; Communication; Finance and Accounting; Grammar and Writing; Leadership and Management; Math Skills; Personal Computer; Personal Development; Professional Information Technology; and Safety and Health.

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Updated: November 5, 2020