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What Can I Do With this Major ?

What Can I Do WIth This Major is a tool that can help you expore areas of study; learn about career paths and how they connect to education; and develop strategies for becoming a more marketable job candidate. Find out more about using this tool.

Interview Portfolio

An interview portfolio gives you a way to display all of your achievements.
Find how to create and use your own interview portfolio.

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Educational Advisement Services

Educational Advisement Services

Educational Advisement Services - Offer confidential counseling services, advice, and referrals for employees over the telephone and by email about:

Academic Advisement

Helps employees clarify and realize their academic and career goals.

Adult Education Basics

Offer advice and referrals to employees who want to: improve reading, writing, and arithmetic skills; obtain a high school diploma; enhance college preparatory skills; and improve their English speaking or understanding skills.

Career Advisement

Assists employees in learning about themselves, job choices, and careers.

Financial Aid

Provides information about various financial aid programs, federal and New York state educational tax credits, and scholarship searches.

Tuition Benefits Program

Provides information on how to use vouchers, reimbursement, credit-by-examination fee reimbursement, and other tuition programs.

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Updated: December 10, 2020