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CSEA leaders and NYS managers can bring these courses to their worksite using the - Labor-Management Worksite Training Application Form [pdf]


Labor-Management Services

Labor-Management Services work to foster cooperation between CSEA leaders and agency managers. Through interactive training that blends committee structure with relationship development, customized consultation services, and meeting facilitation, the Labor-Management Services team provides skills training that enhances and strengthens cooperative working relationships for local, regional, and statewide labor-management committees.

Custom Consultation and Facilitation Services
Education and Training: A Labor Management Approach
Marketing Your Labor-Management Committee
Online Labor-Management Committee Basics
The Labor-Management Committee Process

Custom Consultation and Facilitation Services


Labor and management cooperation can become strained or break down by issues that challenge the ability to respond constructively and collaboratively. The Labor-Management Services team is available to consult with both labor and management leaders on worksite isssues including:

  • Developing a new Labor-Management Committee (LMC)
  • Assessing the effectiveness of communication and identifying areas of systemic difficulty
  • Improving communications between, and among, labor and management and their constituents
  • Assessing training needs to improve labor-management committee functioning
  • Establishing mutually beneficial meeting agenda and post-meeting follow up strategies


The Partnership offers facilitation services to New York State managers and CSEA leaders, as well as labor-management committees that include:

  • Facilitation of critical labor-management forums and meetings on sensitive or emotionally charged issues
  • Training New York State managers and CSEA leaders in handling controversial issues
  • Coaching labor-management committees to improve meeting effectiveness


Education and Training: A Labor Management Approach - 1 Day

This course is for experienced labor-management committees interested in identifying education and training programs for their agencies or facilities. Participants will:

  • Discover how to jointly identify, plan, and implement a workforce development training plan
  • Become familiar with some basic steps for coordinating a successful education and training program
  • Gain knowledge about potential barriers in advance that may negatively impact success


Marketing Your Labor-Management Committee - 3 Hours

This course provides labor-management committee members with the tools to effectively market their committee's accomplishments to its workforce. Participants will:

  • Discover how the work of their committee supports their agency’s ability to accomplish its mission, promotes labor-management cooperation, and improves employee quality of work life
  • Create a mission statement, logo, and slogan for their committee
  • Identify marketing tips to promote their committee’s work


Online Labor-Management Committee Basics - Self-paced

This online course will increase employees understanding of the labor-management environment and provide a basic working knowledge of the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) and NYS labor-management committee process. This course is a prerequisite for The Labor Management Committee Process course. Participants will:

  • Learn to describe the organization, operation, and process of labor-management committees (LMCs)
  • Distinguish between tasks that are done before, during, and after an LMC meeting
  • Identify the value of the LMC process and implications of not following the process


The Labor-Management Committee Process - 2 Days

This training provides participants with a working knowledge of the principles and practices of effective labor-management committees. It engages the learner in lecture, discussion, and individual and group exercises. Participants are encouraged to develop an understanding of how to establish and maintain effective labor-management relationships. Participants will:

  • Understand the challenges of both labor and management and develop strategies for becoming better allies to each other
  • Learn techniques for building effective working relationships
  • Develop a labor-management committee operating agreement, an agenda development process, and meeting facilitation techniques
  • Practice effective problem-solving techniques
  • Participate in an actual “coached” labor-management committee meeting