Course and Webinar Competency Chart

This chart is designed to provide a useful reference for determining which of the many Partnership courses will enhance your skills in any of the six foundational competency categories. Each competency category icon links to a definition of that competency and lists the skills associated with each.

Courses that are currently being offered through our Skills for Success catalog can be located through the "Now Being Offered, Find Out Where" link next to each course title.

To view the course description, click on the course title.

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Verbal and Written

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Math
Professionalism & Self-Management

Trades, Safety, and Risk Management

Computer Skills and Technology

Interpersonal and Customer Relations


Now Being Offered Link to Communication & Interpersonal Relations description Link to Critical Thinking & Problem Solving description Link to Professionalism & Self-Management description Link to Professionalism & Self-Management description Link to Professionalism & Self-Management description Link to Reading and Locationg Information description
A Career in Nursing: Is it Right for You?            
Accident Recordkeeping            
Addressing Conflict in Customer Relations
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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Advanced
Find Out Where 
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Basics            
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: EPA Section 608 Certification
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Asbestos Awareness            
ASTP Math Fundamentals            
ASTP Technical Math            
Back Injury Prevention            
Basic Writing - A Creative Approach: Level 1            
Basic Writing - A Creative Approach: Level 2            
Being an Effective Team Member            
Best Practices in Resume and Interview Preparation
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Blueprint Reading Fundamentals
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Boiler Safety Awareness
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Building a Better Vocabulary            
Building Better Work Relationships
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Career Options Within NYS Government Using GOT-IT            
Carpentry Advanced
Find Out Where 
Carpentry Basics
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Change: Making it Work
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Computer Basics            
Computer Ergonomics Assessor Training            
Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)            
Conversational Spanish
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Critical Thinking
Find Out Where 
Customer Service
Find Out Where 
Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
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Dealing with Stress
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Designing Dynamic Presentations            
Effective Problem Solving            
Electricity Advanced
Find Out Where 
Electricity Basics
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Emotional Intelligence in Customer Relations            
Energy Conservation: Alternative Technologies and Sustainability
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English for Speakers of Other Languages            
Enhance Your Skills: Reading, Writing and Math Basics
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Essentials of Writing            
Excavation and Trenching Safety            
Fall Prevention and Protection            
Feedback: Making it Effective            
Financing Your Education            
Focus on Pronunciation: Level 1
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Focus on Pronunciation: Level 2
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Forklift Operator Safety            
Fundamental Math Skills            
Getting Organized: Time, Tasks, and Life
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Getting Started on a Healthier Lifestyle            
Grammar and Punctuation            
Grammar and Punctuation Workshop
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Heavy Equipment Operation Safety            
High School Equivalency Prep          
Influencing with Confidence            
Internet Research Skills
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Introduction to Accounting
Find Out Where 
Introduction to Data Analysis
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Introduction to Green Technology            
Introduction to Imminent Danger            
Job Etiquette
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Keep Your Cool: Ways to Protect Your Professional Reputation
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Lead Awareness            
Managing Stress in Customer Relations            
Managing Your Finances
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Masonry Advanced
Find Out Where 
Masonry Basics
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Math Refresher
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Math Skills Builder: Level 1            
Math Skills Builder: Level 2            
Merit System: Examinations and Eligible Lists            
Merit System: Transfers            
Microsoft Excel 2013 Basics
Find Out Where 
Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate
Find Out Where 
Microsoft Outlook 2016: Managing Contacts and Tasks
Find Out Where 
Microsoft Outlook 2016: Organizing and Managing Your Email
Find Out Where 
Microsoft Outlook 2016: Working with Calendars            
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Basics            
Microsoft Word 2013 Basics
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Plumbing Advanced
Find Out Where 
Plumbing Basics
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Practical Skills for Resolving Conflict
Find Out Where 
Preparing for a Civil Service Exam
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Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls            
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls for the Outdoor Worker
Find Out Where 
Professionalism in the Digital Age            
Protect Your Identity            
Reading Comprehension            
Reading,Writing and Math: A Skills Refresher            
Scaffolding Safety (assembly, use, and disassembly)            
Small Engine Basics
Find Out Where 
Stress in the Workplace
Find Out Where 
Study Skills            
Successful Business Writing
Find Out Where 
Take Control of Your Time            
The Labor-Management Committee Process          
The Organized Office Worker
Find Out Where 
Understanding Today's Computer
Find Out Where 
Using Credit Wisely
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Using the Merit System            
Using the Tuition Benefits Program
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Workplace Social Skills            
Writing and Editing Skills for Supervisors            
Writing Effective Reports and Evaluations
Find Out Where 
Writing Effectively
Find Out Where 
Writing Reports and Evaluations            
Writing Successful Email
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You and Your Finances            
Your Work Matters: Pride in Public Service