Catalogs, Applications, and Publications

Catalogs and Applications

Fingerprint Fee Reimbursement Program [pdf] - This program provides fingerprint fee reimbursement to eligible CSEA-represented New York State employees who are affected by agency or facility closure, consolidation, curtailment of activities, downsizing, reduction in force activity, or due to reasons of economy or efficiency, and reemployed into a permanent or temporary CSEA-represented position and required to pay a fingerprint fee. This program is not intended to replace existing agency fingerprint fee reimbursement or fingerprint fee waiver programs.

Labor-Management Workforce Development Grants Program 2017-2021 Guidelines and Application Form [pdf] - A booklet about how labor-management representatives from New York State agencies/facilities can jointly develop and submit proposals for grants to address workforce development challenges.

Online Learning Catalog - Thousands of computer-based self-directed training courses available to CSEA-represented NYS employees on both personal and professional development topics.

See the online resources for registration information.

Partnership Course Catalog [html] - Over 80 Partnership courses to choose from among the following topic areas: adult education basics, educational planning, interpersonal communications, labor-management committee development, language skills, mathematics, safety and health, skilled trades, work and life, work management, and written communication.

Worksite Training Application Form [pdf]

Quality of Work Life Grants Program 2017-2021 Guidelines and Application Form [pdf] - A booklet about how NYS agency managers and CSEA leaders can jointly develop and submit proposals to purchase break/lunch room equipment, conduct employee recognition programs, implement health and wellness projects, and improve working conditions.

Safety and Health Grants Program 2017-2021 Guidelines and Application Form [pdf] - A booklet about how NYS agency managers and CSEA leaders can jointly develop and submit proposals for Safety and Health programs.

Skills for Success Spring 2019 - Courses are offered at training sites across the state or via webinar in the following categories: Adult Education Basics; Computer Skills; Individual Development; Interpersonal Communication; Language Skills; Math Skills; Safety and Health; Trades, Operations, and Maintenance; Work Management; and Writing Skills.

Skills for Success application only [pdf]

Statewide Targeted Tuition Program for Welding [pdf] - This program provides tuition assistance to CSEA-represented New York State Operational Services Unit (OSU) and Division of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA) employees who wish to take welding courses.

Targeted Tuition Program for CSEA-represented NYS employees [pdf] - A booklet about how NYS agency managers and CSEA leaders can jointly develop and submit proposals for a Targeted Tuition Program to meet the training needs of a particular position or title. The purpose of the program is to support agency/facility workforce development and succession planning needs.

Tuition Benefits Program 2018-2019 [pdf] [html] - A variety of tuition benefits are available to CSEA-represented NYS employees including tuition vouchers, tuition reimbursement, credit-by-examination fee reimbursement and certification and licensure examination fee reimbursement.

Tuition Benefits Program 2018-2019 application only [pdf]

Fillable Tuition Benefits Program 2018-2019 applicaton [pdf]





The publications listed below are useful resources for employees, NYS managers, and CSEA leaders. All are downloadable for immediate reference.

Education Guides 1 through 7 - A set of guides on topics for employees who are interested in or are currently furthering their education.

  1. Returning to Learning [pdf] - A eight-page guide covering tips on making educational decisions, developing career plans, identifying options for school, and being an informed educational consumer.
  2. Non-Traditional Approaches to Further Education [pdf] - A four-page guide to the major alternatives for taking courses and gaining college credits including distance learning, credit-by-examination programs, and evaluation of learning.
  3. Credit-By-Examination [pdf] - A six-page guide that describes the major exam programs used to earn college credits and how to use them. Included are CLEP, DSST, Excelsior College Exams, and Thomas Edison College Examinations.
  4. Tax Credits for Education [pdf] - A three-page guide on how to use the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit to receive up to $2,500 per year for tuition paid out-of-pocket or through loans.
  5. Scholarships [pdf] - A four-page guide on how to find and apply for local and national scholarships based on academic major, geographic location, and other factors.
  6. Informational Interviewing [pdf] - A four-page guide about how to use informational interviewing techniques to understand specific job titles, define job objectives, and build a personal network of contacts.
  7. Networking [pdf] - A four-page guide on how to use networking to assist you in a job search.

Financing Your Education: A Quick Reference Guide [pdf] - A four-page summary of the types of financial aid programs for adult students that can be combined to help pay for college to make it more affordable.

Labor-Management Committee Basics [pdf] - A guide for CSEA leaders and NYS managers interested in forming and maintaining a labor-management committee. It is also a resource for those interested in strengthening the operation and effectiveness of an existing labor-management committee.


Programs and Services Brochure [pdf] - A publication that describes the wide range of programs and services available to agency managers, CSEA leaders, and CSEA-represented employees.

Programs and Services for Laid-off CSEA-Represented NYS Employees [pdf] - A flyer that describes the programs and services available to laid-off CSEA-represented NYS employees.

Safety and Health Contract Report [pdf] - A summary report of the accomplishments of the NYS & CSEA Statewide Safety and Health Committee during the 2011-2016 Agreement between the State of New York and CSEA.

2011 - 2016 Contract Report [pdf] - A report on the activities and accomplishments during the 2011 - 2016 Agreements between the State of New York and CSEA.


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